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Photo Gallery - Sale Champions 2015
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Saturday 17th January 2015
1st & Champion Swaledale from W Richardson & Son, (Lot 31) which made £3800 to T Brogden, Brough
1st & Champion Bluefaced Leicester from M/S Lord, (Lot 160) which made £3000 to I & P Brown, Ravenstonedale
Overall Champion was a British Blue Steer from J Dixon & Sons, Downholme which made £1060 to Mr T Birbeck
Reserve Champion was a Limousin X Heifer from JR & A Blades, Hawes which made £845 to GC & JC Pullan
Saturday 28th March 2015
Champion Calf & 1st Prize Continental Bull (British Blue) from D Middleton & Son, Askrigg which made £400
Tuesday 14th April 2015
Champ Prime Lambs (Beltex) from Thomas Willoughby, Redmire made £98 each (265p/kg) to Steadman’s Butcher, Kirkby Stephen
Tuesday 2nd June 2015
Champ Pen of 4 Cont. Lambs. (L to R: Gail Harker (I’Ansons), John Moore & Willy Harker (Vendors), Martin McIntyre (Judge))
Champion Calf & 1st Prize Continental Bull (British Blue) from AE Luffman, Howgill which made £400 to Dennis Thwaites
Tuesday 7th July 2015
1st & Show Winners, E Fairburn & Sons, Thornton Steward L to R: Henry Fairburn, Oliver, Granville Fairburn
Tuesday 25th August 2015
Champion Pen of Store Lambs (Texel X) from Adam Hunter, Muker and sold for £56.80 to GH Bell, Biggins.
Friday 4th September 2015
Tuesday 22nd September 2015
1st and winners of the Chester Kneller Memorial Cup, J & K Metcalf & Son, Barningham, £160
Monday 28th September 2015
1st - WA & A Booth, Feizor, £12000 (Lot 75)
1st and Overall Champion, WM Hutchinson & Son, Kirkby Redgate, £34000 (Lot 171)
RD Archer & Son, Carry, House, £23000 (Lot 422)
Thursday 1st October 2015
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1st & Winner of the HSBC Trophy, BR Lawson & Son, Buddle House, £280
Monday 5th October 2015
1st - G Calvert & Sons, Keld, £190
1st - JR Rukin, Keld, £140
Saturday 10th October 2015
1st and Champion, D & EM Brown, Lummas House, £950
Thursday 5th November 2015
Champ & Winner of Crown Hotel Trophy, Lim X Steer from J & E Waggett, Satron, sold for £1290 to Campbells, Butch. Leyburn. 
Reserve Champion was a British Blue X Heifer from CT & JE Willoughby, Redmire which made £1410.
Thursday 5th November 2015
Saturday 21st November 2015
The Champion receiving the Carrs Billington Trophy, a Genus Voucher & Wensleydale Cheese was a BB X Bull, Consigned by JF Bowe & Son, Hawes selling for £395 to Bill Thompson.
Andrew Pratt (Mart Chairman) presenting the JW Cockett & Son Shield to Owen Acton
Wensleydale Young Farmers showing their lambs
1st and Champion (Beltex X) and winner of the JW Cockett & Son Shield, Owen Acton, Leyburn, 53kg, 343p/kg (£182) to JW Cockett & Son, Butchers, Hawes (Centre)                      2nd - McCauley Acton, Leyburn (Beltex X) 47kg, 298p/kg (£140) to The Wensleydale Pantry, Hawes. (Right)                3rd - Ethan Scarr, Askrigg (Beltex X) 53kg, 264p/kg (£140)  to C Steadman, Butcher, Kirkby Stephen (Left)
Tuesday 8th December 2015
1st and Champion, (Beltex X) and Winner of the BOCM Trophy, J Wilson, Settle, 36kg, 361p/kg (£130) to JW Cockett & Son, Butchers, Hawes 
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